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Default Re: Wally World Huffy Vs Schwinn

heres the way i see it, the higher your sale price is, the higher your profit margin is usually. if i were to start building these things on a regular basis to make a profit. i'd sell it with a grubee engine and a worksman frame and wheels. i'd then take that $600 investment+ labor and sell it for $900. make a decent profit while building a quality product i feel comfortable with selling.

also if we wanted to make these things more popular then cars for urban transportation i think we would have to move away from 2 strokes and towards 4 strokes. with that many on the road i think the small amount of unburnt oil in our exhaust would add up and cause noticeable oil slicks.

lastly why can't we build a quality motor in america for a similar price to china girls? because in order to do that we'd either need to automate the process with very expensive machinery (meaning very few jobs would be created and a profit would not be seen for quite a while until that machinery was paid for), or people would have to work well before federal minimum wage standards. 25 cents in china buys you a small bag of rice, 25 cents in america doesn't buy you a 5 pack of gum anymore.
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