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Default Re: Wally World Huffy Vs Schwinn

Originally Posted by Hammond Egger View Post
Sell em without a spark plug and with a disclaimer that says if you put a spark plug in it your on your own.
Well that is one way to go but not the direction I personally am looking at. I want you to use it, I want you to have it SERVICED and I want you to buy parts. I want to have a cool shop to hang out in with others who are into your hobby. I want you to upgrade. I want you to want whatever the latest and greatest is that rolls out from the service area to the sales floor.

I want the city to embrace the motorized bicycle not be scared of it. I want them to make special places for us to park because it is easier to do than it is to build a parking garage for cars. There are millions of people who use things globally, why not urban commuters here in the good ole USA? Why not I say! Why the **** not?

Why couldn't a few great minds come together and PRODUCE a QUALITY motorized bicycle engine that does not cost much more than the china kit? There are some pretty knowledgeable folks around here.

Perhaps I am wrong but i believe the motorized bicycle could take the place or at least do as well as the Harley market for urban commuters if done properly and taken seriously. Sure I can slap together a kit and stick it on Craigslist, that is NOT what I am talking about.

Like Bairdco has eloquently pointed out, these crap builds are what gives the entire MBer population grief. It is why they pass laws to outlaw us. It is why most people think of these things as toys instead of a viable transportation alternative.

I think a few people can do some big things and change things and even profit at the same time. It is up to US to increase the demand and improve the supply.

You wouldn't be the first one to call me a dreamer. Nothing ventured, Nothing gained. There is no failure only experience to be learned from. It has to start somewhere and why not here and with me?

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