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Default Re: This is priceless!!!

Originally Posted by turtle tedd View Post
Neat Times...yes I think being a dentist is not that hard of a job..does not take a whole lot of practice or skill...I had a tooth on the bottom in the back of my mouth giving me problems for months..after using that "Numbs-it" salve on it for two months decided to pull it out one night in the garage...mirror,good light, sixpac of beer and some shots, small vice grips with a little tape on the jaws and a little cursing...Job Done...little bleeding but packed it with gauze and went to bed...wife was mad about the blood all over her new pillowcases and sheets
I actually have done that more than I added a few things to my medicine chest first though. Big green sticky smelly tobacco like substances....haha. I did not do as good of a job as a dentist might as I still have a few fragments on a couple of the molars that will need to be taken care of one day. Teeth are easy to break with pliers.
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