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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Finally got my front tire studded(only out the sides) and mounted. Studded an old 2.25 mtb tire with 100 #6x3/4" round heads through the nibs on the tread (double spaced), would've had to use 1/2" if I had fenders/stock forks on that ride, they stick out like crazy. I cut the bead off an old 1.75 road tire and used that as a liner(got that tip here somewhere, sry forget who), and went for a boot.

Wow, do the studs ever add a 'gyroscopic' effect to the steering from the extra weight, that'll take some getting used to. I've only done the front tire so far because that's what's recommended, a fishtail is easier to control than a faceplant, right?

Obligatory pics:

I think I'm going to slap on a couple of cut-up 2L's(a la WildAlaskin's ride) for a front fender on that bike. Salt tastes better on Fries, oh, and without grime...
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