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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
Tonight I fired up the bike after cutting a notch in my idle adjust screw and putting on another gas tank strap and then went for a 10 mile ride to get guitar strings in 9 below far. with a 20 below far. wind chill factor, and It ran great-never had to go over 1/4 throttle lots of power....but when I got back, I noticed that there was almost no gas left and I started with a full tank.

a few days ago I put a new inline fuel filter at the end of my gas line inside the tank. It's a real nice one.
I did a 20 mile ride this past summer and drained a 2 liter tank so that doesent really sound like a problem to me I rode about 10 miles today in the snow and killed a half tank
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