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Default Wally World Huffy Vs Schwinn

I never have owned a cruiser bicycle and figured that is the easiest route to go for building budget kits and possibly selling them. So, today while at Walmart I decided to go look at the cruisers they have that seem to be popular for builds on this forum.

Let me tell you that neither of these bikes had me thinking they were even "good" never mind great.

In a comparison of both the Del Mar and the Cranbrook I can say this much, the Huffy feels like a much more solid bike. The stays seem thicker and the frame itself looks a bit more stout in the rear end. Who would have thought that Huffy would be better than a Schwinn. When I was a kid the Schwinn was an awesome bicycle.

My unprofessional opinion is that given those two options, the Huffy is 10 bucks less and seems to be a better bike. Personally, I still wouldn't want either for my personal ride. Now I need to go find some Greenline bikes and see how those compare frame wise. I know it too is going to have crap components on it, but I have to see if it's worth twice the price as the Huffy.

Any thoughts?

Also if anyone could do a Micargi VS Greenline VS Huffy that would be of great help or maybe they all 3 are pretty much the same other than the style and prices?

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