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Originally Posted by eDJ View Post

As a last note on printers and software, Page Maker has been a favorite of
many layout desingers but Adobe's InDesign has edged it out. Most printers
of the small mom and pop shops have used Quark for setting up for their printing equipment. In past years they made lots of money telling people they had to take the writers Page Maker files and re do them Quark. The writer didn't realize there was a software they used made by Markzware called
PM2Q which would automatically convert PageMaker files to Quark files. Yet
$200 fees weren't uncommon for the conversion which took just a few minutes.
Pagemaker could always print to file as a PDF and all printers take PDFs. Funny thing is the Acrobat PDF printer driver has always been free. Capitalism is great isn't it. It's the same reason why some on this very forum can charge twice the price for a Schwinn Del Mar ( I have seen them being sold just as bicycles for close to 200 bucks, it's an 80 dollar special) strap in $100 motor and flip it for close to 600 bucks.

Those who don't know pay, those who do know turn profits.

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