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Default Re: rag joint assembly?

Are you working in cold conditions? Rubber shrinks some and gets very stiff and hard to work in cold temps.

Below are some methods that have served me well .

. I use a milk crate on the bench, lean the wheel against it with the pedal sprocket hooked on the lip,works great.

Even in warm weather they need to be streched a little. My method is to loosely snug down the the plates, letting them overlap.

Then you use a screwdriver by sliding it under the overlapped ends and pry them apart until the ends snap together flat on thre rubber.

As soon as each joint snaps down, snug the bolts on either side of the joint with just enough pressure to to keep them in place.

I have had good luck getting centered pretty well by using a steel rule and measuring between the sprocket and the inside edge of the rim.

Use a plastic hammer, or block of hardwood and hammer to knock the sprocket around until it measures the same to the rim at 4 opposing points. I like to lay my wheels flat on the milkcrate to do this.

Then I mount the wheel in some old forks in a vise and start snugging and checking alignment . Upside down bike works too. Be sure to snug axle nuts, or your cones may unscrew while spinning the wheel.

A small amount of wobble is normal, but being centered is more critical.
tightening or loosening some of the bolts some will help with wobbling

Sometimes, if i need to move it a little and the bolts are moderatly snug, I'll put a scrap of chain on the sprocket and wack the chain,directly, with a BFH.

The bolts need to be rather tight, the rubber discs should be mashed together hard. Use only 6 point wrenches or you may have probs with the cheap bolt heads rounding off.

An screwgun speeds it up a lot, but use hand wrenches or ratchet for final tightening

Hope this helps

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