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Default Re: am i doing it right?

with it being torqued down so much it is clearing where the dust cap will go, i have it off atm until i'm ready to fully reassemble that part. i tried to get the rag to but their was no way to put it anywhere not near a spoke, spokes are simply to big for that.

its a grubee skyhawk GT5 kit and then manual says place sprocket's bright chrome side inward next to spokes with dished side outward.

then underneath it says figure #2 - 9 slot - chain wheel sprocket mounted concave dish side inward

these 2 lines are what made me think i'm doing it wrong. i tried doing it how i had seen it done in videos of other bikes, thinking i had a good understanding of what i was doing.

unfortunately i their mite be 1 small difference between what i did and what i was supposed to do.
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