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Thumbs up Re: SCSW Boxer vs. Pirate Cycles Karate Chop

Originally Posted by matthurd View Post

this thread has a pic of what he calls the karate chop. fully motorized.

i think the karate chop would be a smoother ride, but technically not be street legal with a 70cc.

would need more info on it to decide which is better.

does look sweet though.
Originally Posted by Dirty tiki View Post
i emailed justin about the karate chop, if its ever going to be available , im getting one.. i like it way more than the scsw.... just on looks alone
Yes it is apparent that Pirate Cycles has a branded version of the Motoped, it's The Pirate Cycles Karate Chop, my guess it it will retail for atleast $3995.00 or more!

Here's the other authorized Motoped retailer known as Unreal Cycles, Motoped DX Bike and their Motoped prices in the below screen shot.

Maybe one of our fortunate / lucky forum members will purchase the Pirate Cycles Motoped / Karate Chop.

Peace Crazy Horse.
P.S. Be patient something new in 2011 is coming from Motoped Santa Cruz, I'm guessing!
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