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Default Re: Strong Drive rim

Originally Posted by stewart View Post
i am looking to build a strong reliable drive wheel around my Staton chain drive hub. What 26" rim would be the strong and handle 12 gauge (or possibly 10g) spokes. Anyone use a 21" Excel dirtbike rim w/ bike tire??? or drill out the Sun mammoth? im 160lbs and its for a rack mount 2 stroke on a mtb thanks
I just laced up a 36 hole Mammoth rim yesterday with 10 gauge spokes from Buchanan's Spoke and Rim. I put it side by side with a Rhyno Lite rim and it is much beefier! I drilled out the eyelets on my drillpress to accept 1/4 inch nipples, and then I laced it 3 cross to my Staton hub. The 10 gauge spokes are probably overkill, you could do just fine with 12 gauge spokes. I found some the other day for 26 cents apiece at Niagara Cycle Works through Amazon. That's a lot less expensive than the 10 gauge spokes. I just happened to have them. BTW, I just put this wheel on myStaton rackmount inside chain drive a few hours ago. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Maybe not for a few days, a northeaster started a couple of hours ago and we're expecting 15 inches of snow! If you're only 160 pounds, 12 gauge spokes and a Mammoth rim will be more than adequate. Good luck!
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