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Default **** Idler Wheel Failed Again, Need Help****

i was on my way home again and for the second time in 3 days the chain came off the idler wheel, this time i was fortunate enough to stop in time. however this is frustrating me and i am going to try one more thing before calling it quits.

this is what i want to do, get a different style idler wheel/pulley that is wider and has bigger sides so the chain won't fall off. i pulled the pieces apart today and found that the bearing is attached to the bolt. is that right? if so, who carries the bolt/bearing thing, autozone, lowes, home depot or some local shop? the reason i need another bearing/bolt is because i have stripped the bolt trying to get the nut off. the design on this bearing/bolt is horrible, there is no room for you to get any leverage to turn the nuts off. i would think they would have designed the end closest to the bearing not to be circular, but hex so you can get a hold of it with a wrench.

anybody have any experience getting a different idler wheel/pulley from any local shops like autozone, home depot, lowes or something?

please don't suggest a shifter kit. the whole reason i bought this engine was because it was cheap. i really don't feel like spending another 200 bucks on a shifter kit. at that point i could have just bought a motorcycle. i want to be able to fix this problem by spending the least amount of money possible.


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