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Default Preplexing Engine Issue

Hello All,

For some reason I cannot determine my bike all of the sudden doesn't run well, it still runs and I still ride it except it will only go about 23mph tops now and it is missing. Whereas I used to cruise at 32mph all day.

It still pulls well right up until 20 or so but it just runs out of steam and kind of jerks/isn't running smoothly.

Could this be a magnito issue? For some reason I am on my 3rd magnito on this engine (has about 1800 miles on it). All the wiring is good and there is a good seat on the plug.

Anyone shed some insight on this for me?

And does anyone know where I can get an engine kit in CA? I got 2 from a buddy on craigslist but he can't get them anymore and I desperately need some parts.

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