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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL! I was thinking the same thing Fish. Do it just to see if it will work. Nothing is ever a failure. If nothing else, ya end up with some extra parts for the next debacle and on a good day, learned some thing cool. If ya survive, get to write about it, snork.

Now having said that ....

Steam in a conventional containment boiler, which is what the guy in the clip has, can be extremely dangerous. KABOOM even! There are potential hazards with anything steam powered (the flash boiler I'm building minimizes this a lot) but basically, the higher the pressure and the more water in the system the scarier it gets. I have temperature and pressure controls and a tiny amount of hot water and steam in the tube that runs through the boiler and hardware that can operated safely in the range I'm running this thing. It's all being carefully balanced. Pressure is limited to 100 psi and temperature will be regulated at 300 degrees F, albeit, manually. The old Stanley Steamers, by the way, ran at 400 psi.

So if anyone is planning to try this - do your homework and be sure to build a safe machine.
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