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Originally Posted by yodar View Post
Replaced that HUFFY P.O.S. stripped-thread when-tightened-out-the-slop-Chinese-made-kickstand with a Chinese made axle-mounted kickstand with which, perhaps I can start while standing.

ANYBODY got cone wrenches to sell??? My supplier is out of stock

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
EGT actualy goes up significantly in colder weather. The cold dense air causes a leaner mixture because the molecules are much closer and more air is actualy entering the cylinder on each stroke.

In the ultralight community, they run their engines rather lean, monitored with guages, to avoid rings coking up and sticking.
Some of them have to richen their mixuire in cold weather to keep the temps below max allowed.

If your mixture is on the verge of too lean in warm weather, you could easily sieze the engine in cold weather.
Interesting I always would have thought the extreme weather would have gotten the better end of the deal. I know what you mean though about the denser air that's the reason I put the bigger front mount on my car colder air more power but I guess there's always too cold.
Cheers for that
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