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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

the concave bottom of an aluminum can, polished with toothpaste (or, y'know, some polish) makes a cheap back-reflector for homemade lights.

today,i dropped some spokes off at the PO for silverbear, got some bandsaw blades and a few other things from home depot, and picked up some metal chunks for my exhaust flange and header pipe.

then, i finished my custom front fender, made the exhaust flange outta stainless steel, chopped up, turned, and bent up the header pipe on my biturbo exhaust so my buddy can weld it tomorrow.

mounted my tank with soldered copper straps, mounted an air filter, smoked a pack of cigarettes and drank a few beers.

tomorrow i should have the pipe on, then it's "done."

still gotta work up the lights with the dynohub, as well as a "standlight" (when the bike's stopped, the hub doesn't power the lights, so it's either super-capacitors or batteries) and a functioning hi beam and brake light.

i think i got it all figured out, just need to make it look cool.
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