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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by WildAlaskan View Post
well i guess i owe you a couple pics

this lighting system is kinda a prototype for my next build (coming along very slowly) im not too concerned with lighting up the road im more concerned with cagers being able to see me and its a bright light so they see me well but the beam is 30 degrees so it has no focus doesnt light up the road more than 20 ft

im just experimenting really and enjoy making my own lights its fun to do

i dont really see a way to put reflective material behind the light and im sure the bulb has some already

now dont judge me if my battery connection looks weak i put this entire lighting system together in about 30 minutes before work it was a hussle

I have a commercial LED headlight which is essentially a functional copy of your setup. The LEDs in these lights are merely floodlights. No reflector is POSSIBLE because each bulb is pre-focused with it's own front lens
Though I cna illuminate the pavement ahead of me, It's not bright enough


I got a LED tactical flashlight using single CREE L.E.D. in a focused reflector. It is a BRIGHT SUMBUTCH ! It illuminates a telephone pole 1/8 mile away on full power (800 ma drain). Half power is pretty good too. Now i gotta SEE if the bike's dynamo will tolerate almost 1 amp drain. Otherwise I will recharge the Lithium battery it runs on(good for 2 hours)

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