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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

This week end, swapped out 44T rear sprocket for brandy new, super shiny, cool 50T. Kinda sucks. Well, not really, still accelerates just shy of what I need for city stop lights. But does have a few extra MPH and love the low revs. Sounds great. Gonna try a 54T. Then possibly a 52. I tell my self it is for the good of the community and to gain knowledge my self but really is more for the fun and love of tinkering.

Finally finished welding pipe. There is just no way to hide ugly welds, lol. But you could beat a large boulder to death with with my pipe and the welds would hold. Need more Practice.

Decided that I have to finally build a totally utilitarian MB. Bare no reguard for looks, cool or experimentation. Need to get on some other crazy stuff, (Flying/floating motorized bicycle and jet powered) Will start a thread so I actually keep to todays plan which is completely different then yesterdays and not as crazy as tomorrows.

Has to have a cruising speed of 35/40 MPH, full suspension. Generate electricity and of course, be named "Gertrude"
Always have to have one insane condition so you can forgo it when ya have to make compromises in the design. (35 MPH!)
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