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Default Re: Break in secrets

I will get the parts to rebuild my second hand engine in a day or two. I used the softer version of breaking in an engine for my first actual build, but have nothing to compair it too. It runs very strong in my opinion.
I am thinking that if the rebuild is successful, I will try a more aggessive break in, just to see if I can see, or feel a differance. I do not have a Dyno of any kind. But I am also a difficult person to impress. So my best guess, and the use of a GPS will give me my answer.
If I ruin an engine??????? I'll buy another one. For me this is more a weekend hobby and beer getter, than a real form of daily comuter or actual trasnportation.
Although I have noticed that the more I ride, The less I am filling up my heated cage.
Watching my kids enjoy what they have learned and built, is why we started MB'ing
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