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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by WildAlaskan View Post
i built a headlight for my bike with pvc and a mr16 led bulb and a sla battery also hooked it up to my rear light im not impressed with the lights power it doesnt light up the road well but it makes me very easly seen so its a trade off
I was wondering what you used for the reflector in your headlight but didn't see it mentioned then you say it doesn't illuminate the road very well. That's why, no reflecting surface behind the bulb to throw the light to the front.

All you need is a good reflecting surface. Last nights snowfall here in town gave a very nice reflecting surface for all the lights here. I could see very well outside last night because all of the snow reflecting the street lights and peoples porch lights.

If nothing else try putting a small mirror behind your bulb and see if that gives you better road illumination.
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