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Default Re: rear or front mounted engine kits not for me

I'm sure there are exceptions for every case, but overall, not only I but many people will say the same bad things because they have a bad experience with a Chinese product. I can think of several recent examples right this moment. I live in Costa Rica and my friend bought an extension cord supposedly made to carry a large current and the cord was very large in diameter and rated for several amps. He connected the cord and in a few minutes it was on fire. Fortunately he was around to extinguish it and disconnect the cord. He then cut the cord to examine the conductor and it was a very thin conductor which was not capable of carrying a heavy current.

I personally and also have had people tell me how they have bought Chinese shoes only to see the soles come off in a few weeks.

Last year, in Panama, about 100 people died from toothpaste which had anti-freeze, a highly toxic poison, in it. The list of products that the FDA has banned from China is volumes long.

I could list other examples, lead paint in toys, etc. but I don't want to take any chances with any Chinese product of any type.
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