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Default Re: land speed record

Any absolute restrictions based on cost or a sole engine/vehicle type are somewhat unreasonable due to the sheer diversity of the builds - it would be far more universally acceptable were it simply subdivided into classes, that way everyone could get a chance no matter what they ride... It's also somewhat unrealistic to expect a cost restriction to be enforceable, not only would it be unlikely that folks would bring receipts (particularly if it would disqualify them) - often it's true that time spent provides more performance than money alone.

Examples of classes could include: two wheel, three wheel, upright, recumbent, friction/belt/chain, then ofc engine displacements and an "unlimited" class for "other" (exotics like fairings) - sounds like a bunch and complicated but it's not really, it's been done ever since racing was born... those classes would also no doubt be reduced in number for lack of entries, unfortunate but true.

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