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Default Re: Modified Drive and Clutch gears

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I have to wonder what would happen if you painted on some 'valve lapping compound' then spun the gears for a few minutes. It is an abrasive that is meant to grind valves to their seats for a good close fit. You'd have to experiment with this but you might be onto something as far as reducing gear noise. Not sure about any noticable power increase but a quieter engine might be the ticket.

Years ago, early 70s Pontiacs had some trouble with noisy timing gears. We used to fill the thing with Ajax cleanser, take it out on the highway and run the peediddles out of it for a few miles then bring it back in and flush the oil and put in new. It would quiet the cast iron gears down a lot. Then...they started putting nylon teeth on the cam gear and that's when the troubles started.
Tom,It's a little before my wrenching days but I heard that when the 1955 265 Chevy V8's first came out they were having problems with the rings seating so the factory told the Dealers to pour some Comet into the carb!
I never heard of your fix!
Your theory might work but wouldn't that "lap" the whole gear to gear surface?
They seem to fit fine(a little sloppy).
It's the sharp edges I dremeled I also radiused the outside edges.
I don't think it'll hurt nothing?

Ted,It's not a wear problem it's the noise problem of the two gears meshing together.
Your idea might work better than the grease I use, that has Moly in it!
I'm also going to try using a syringe that we get from the Vet.
I'm gonna cut the tip 45 degrees both sides., And see if I can't suck up some grease and inject some into the bearings in the clutch basket!
Without getting it all over the puck surface!
Did you guy's notice anything in the first pic that was unusual?
Here's a hint!Kip.
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