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Default quick top tube tank seal

just figured out quick..easy top tube seal for felt bicycles...on removing front forks 2 top holes that lead into the tank seal by using brass freeze plugs sold at auto supply stores..coat them with the 2part jbweld ..the lower hole deburr out and coat with jb weld putty...likewise after drilling out the bar behind the seat post fill with jbweld putty..this is the great caswell tank sealer...this product is THICKER than anything else on the market is a 2 part solution...they say you don't have to have the tank etched it sticks great to a acetone cleaned tank..before you mix the 2 parts take duck take and tape behind all filled holes to stop and pin leaks you might have...pour in the caswell sealer ..slosh arround inside of tank...pour out and let tank sit...this is the THICKEST ..BEST COATING STUFF ON THE MARKET..type in caswell tank sealer to get to thew website..............
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