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Default Re: land speed record

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
camlifter, you have a few miles to get it up to speed. the short course is 4-5 miles; how_it_works

so as long as the bike will run, even under pedal power, there's no reason to get there quickly.

no matter what gear your running, a china (or morini, or other) will get to the timed mile in less than 4 miles.

just ask the budfab crew:
YouTube - Bonneville Stories Part VII "BUDDFAB 50cc 150 MPH Streamliner"
my thoughts on pedaling up to 20mph or so was to help keep the motor in it's rev range with as high a gear ratio as it can pull and not burn up the clutch doing it. we'll probably need a box of spare clutch's anyway. some class's allow a push car to get them up to there first gear speed. we could do it with pedal power. a board track style bike with derailer and gears on the pedal side is something to think about.
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