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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I put a Hall Wind meter off my plane, on my HS build to check my speed after the sprocket change from 48 to 56 teeth. Looks pretty cool.

Just as I predicted, there was hardly any change in top speed,right at 40mph, but it gets there a lot quicker, and can easily pull moderate hills now.

Still feels a little tall geared, so I pedal 5 or 6 hard strokes from a dead stop.

Changed the oil 2nd time at hour 2 run time. Still a lotta aluminum in the oil.

The chainbox oil didn't show much metal this time but it smelled dark and burnt. Gotta check, oil is prolly getting to the seperate clutch compartment thru the chainbox bearing seals.

Gonna try better bearings/seals and a drain hole in the clutch compartment.

Also put some screw on pegs on my Chrome HT cruiser build. Thought I could do some ez wheelies that way.

They was too easy! Stand on the back pegs, give a little jerk along with power and comes right up. The HT needs more speed than I want to use to do this at current gearing, and I dont wanna ding up my new Chrome cruiser.

Be better to build a beater bike with big sprocket to practice that.

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