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Default Re: ready to give up

Now for the build report. Augie was sold a Micargi beach cruiser with a motor kit in two boxes. The front tube is fat and the motor mount narrow. Instructions said to ovalize the tubing, which he did. Don't like to do it that way, as motors are available with wide front mounts. So we had to squish it more for the motor to fit correctly and lower it so the muffler was off the bottom crank hanger. We used a large "C" clamp and two strips of metal. I guess I'll have to make a tool to keep from butchering the tubing when ovalizing. The rear mount fit perfectly and the angles were correct when we finally got it bolted in. Had to substitute long rear studs for shorter, and replace front ones with bolts. The kit came with light weight bicycle chain for the motor drive. Didn't like it but fitted it up anyway. Put a stainless pop rivet in the adjuster to keep it from rotating on the round tubing. Installed the carb and routed the cables. Carb sits at a slight forward angle but nothing drastic. Clamped on the module and had to remove the spark plug tip. Hooked up the clutch, carb inrichment and throttle cables. Drilled the handlebar for the alignment tab. Pacesetter stopped by to borrow a pulley to match up at the bearing house for his Briggs build. Tried to install the front brake that was supplied with the bike, but the caliper bolt was for the rear so it wouldn't reach through the fork. Wired the kill switch and module through split loom to the motor and bolted on the muffler. Attached the fuel tank and changed the thick wall hose supplied to Tygon I had in stock. Had Augie ride it around as just a pedal bike to check it out. Found the rear hub and pedal crank way too tight, so adjusted them. By then it was noon and Augie sprang for lunch for me and my wife. Thank you very much. I had some mix from an earlier build so we fueled her up. The valve leaked immediately so we put on a different one from one of my kits and stopped the leak. While trying to start it the first time, the chain kept derailling so we installed a standard heavier chain from another kit. Couldn't get it aligned and it too came off. It was too close to the tire so we flipped the sprocket and trued it up in my stand. Much better. My buddy, Dan, showed up with his Briggs bike while we were starting it. Always nice to have another supervisor. Got it running but won't rev very high. Played with the carb settings and it got better with every run. Hope it just needs breaking in. We couldn't get the smile off Augie's face while riding. That ended a good day of tinkering. Augie's replacing my parts we used and I recommended a mirror (which he already had). He'll finish breaking it in and keep an eye on all the hardware and chain adjustments. He still needs to install the drive chain guard, front brake and maybe the fenders. Plans to commute to work. Promissed to keep in touch and hook up for some rides. Overall it was a good day.[/IMG][/IMG]
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