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Default Re: Celebrating Road bicycles, sports/racing leagues, pelotons, and of course, spande

What is about the OP's subject matter that seems to bring out the worst in people?
Why is that we can't have a civil discussion about roadies/pedal bikers or any other form of transportation here that doesn't turn into a flame war?

We'll let this thread continue because we're not prudish old curmudgens but if it gets out of hand with insults and attacks, it'll be deleted. Sorry guys but some of you bring these things on yourself. If your opinions differ so greatly from someone elses, why not just ignore a thread that you know will provoke hostilities and go read something of value to yourself ?

As for posting about subject matter that you know is provocative and will incite controversy...why do it? Aren't there enough issues with getting a bike running and keeping it running right to keep this forum interesting? And isn't that why we're here to begin with? was formed to advance the sport/hobby of motorized bicycles; not to have a place to argue and insult other people, with the anonymity so easily had using the Internet. It makes me wonder what behavior I'd see if we were all together in a room having a discussion.

I will not attach a smiley face because I'm not smiling. I am just a little frustrated with grown men who can sometimes act like children.
Lighten up.

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