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Default Re: airspeed indicator for speedo & HS report

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
i borrowed this from my ultralight to check the speed of my sprocket change from 48 to 56 teeth.
Was way overgeared with the 48 and 3.25 ratio chainbox. Top speed is still the same at a tad over 40mph. Gets there a lot quicker now and can now climb moderate hills without pedal assist.

Changed the oil again today. 2nd oil change, 2hrs run time, hard ones . Still a lot of aluminum in the oil.
Chainbox oli was not much metal but smelled burnt. Gotta check, oil prolly gettin to clutch compartment thru bearing seals. Might try a drain hole in the clutch compartment

my new 66cc slanthead /41t, is way faster at takeoff and much more low speed power, but maxes out at bone ratteling 35mph. The hs has hardley any vibration at all speeds.

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