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Default Re: break-in period on 48cc , not sure if my engine is running correctly.....

Okay , so I worked on it last night and rode it again today....

Here's what I did checked.

1) checked wires ( at magneto etc) ... all connections are good.
2) took off the muffler and intake , checked gaskets and replaced.
3) changed the gas oil ratio 32:1
4) put high temp-silicon on the intake around carb , stop up any possible air leaks there.
5) checked the choke for functionality.
6) l oosened the gas cap.
7) checked spark plug gap and secure fit

prbly a few more things... can't think of them all , it was late last night.

So , when I rode it today , I am still having same problems. It will start fine / idle fine. But it will barely ride. Downhill it will get up to about 20 , but if you pull the throttle it will either backfire or die out. Flat ground , it acts like it wants to go , then dies out. Also , when I first started the engine (for the first time when the kit was built) I did have a lot of white smoke come out , from muffler , around it and near where it bolts on. The smoke went away after a few minutes and never came back ...

What is the possibility that its the head gasket ? The other new thing it does now , when at a stopped position if you try to rev it , it will not rev all the way , it will die out when i you pull throttle near full.

Still missing all the fun of riding this thing , been a fun journey so far.

Its a 48cc skyhawk gt2b , its really bothering me now . Wish I bought another kit. This one has had a few problems now ( that would have been really easy for the manufacturer to solve)
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