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Default Re: fuel gauge for bike

Originally Posted by Bob Mac 18704 View Post
I think Majdan has the right idea. The site tube works well and is super cheap. The two little elbows could be soldered in with little trouble. Now if I could find those 2 little elbows somewhere I'll have a gauge on my bike the next day. I had one on my x6 hussler years ago. The only problem was the clear tubing would yellow out. Took about 30 seconds to change out. The only thing now is the gas is clear and will be harder to see in the tube. Back then, the gas had an orange tint to it from the lead and other additives they put in it. I'll continue to search for the elbows.
Try NAPA or other automotive parts dealers. I bought some from NAPA several years ago to replace the plastic hose barb elbows on my ultralight plane
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