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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

went to my dealer today and picked up yet another head and piston as I wasnt too happy with how the other one I ported went. Played ping pong with him for abit and left. He follwed me up the motorway and gave me a nod for a speed shot. (id been bragging about how I could get his motors to do over 70km/hr and I weigh 220pounds and am 6'5) So gave it a good squirt didnt duck down or even tuck my legs in and topped out at 72km/hr by the time I got to the top of the very slight incline hill he was stoked showing me with his hands what my speed was.
I truelly think there was about another 6km/hr left in it before the crank jumped out and ran beside me but that was enough, the next bike is supposed to be the fast one so I'll just leave it for then.
Rode the rest of the way to work at about 50km/hr on just over a 1/4 throttle.
Jeez I love this bikes every free moment when I'm at work im either thinking about what I can do next to the bike or reading what other ppl are doing.
I trully am rediculously addicted GOD HELP ME!
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