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Default Celebrating Road bicycles, sports/racing leagues, pelotons, and of course, spandex

I have mostly been into mountain biking the last 5 years, but I have enjoyed road cycling since my high school years.

This last year, I built a motor bicycle beach cruiser to drive to work, and got most of my information from this website, and fellow site motoredbikes.
I am really dismayed by the "spandex haters" on this site, esp the ones who advocate cager behavior such as honking, spitting, assaulting or threatening vehicular homicide. related thread

Even if you think you are so cool for not participating in or supporting a great European American sport and a large community of friendly and athletic people, you don't have to be a part of the problem (non cyclists trying to use their political clout to squeeze us out, figuratively and literally, on the roads)

Like it or not, motorized bicycle riders are generally classed in with pedal cyclists by motorists, police, and legislators, and probably with the same derision among many of them, that the most rude motorized bicycle riders here express for "spandexers".

Lycra and spandex shorts are actually pretty comfortable, and serve a time-proven function of reducing wind resistance, reducing leg cramps, and increasing cycling comfort.

For the last 5 years I've been hairy as sasquatch, riding in cutoffs and t-shirts, and having a good time on my mountain bikes. But I have ridden those in lycra shorts and SPD shoes as well, and miss having the money for all that gear.

I plan to get back into road riding this year for some charity rides I have missed.

For those who don't get it, riders shave their legs for several calculating reasons.
1. It makes putting suntan creams and embrocating lotions on much easier.
2. It makes sports therapy and massage easier.
3. It makes cleaning off sweat and road grime easier.

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