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Cool Re: Strengenthing my new cruiser

Ok, rim bakes are worthless. Except when there adjusted to work. Joe or Jane Hung Chow don't care if You live or die. They build these bikes as cheap as they can. The pads never line up with the wheel. Some of the pad does. Use a wrench and very slowly use it on the arm of the brake to mate the pad with the rim. Easy does it. If you can afford Disc brakes, most of us can't, Get them! Keep your rims clean! Your riding a bike @ 30mph that was designed for 10! I have seen the bolt that holds the brakes to the frame snap. As for the pads wearing thru the wheel. Possible, The Titanic might rise to the surface too, but I doubt it. And the best thing of all is, (drum roll please) If you are not sure of something, Slow Down!
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