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Default Re: Master Link Problem

Originally Posted by StevelKnievel View Post
I am hoping one of you guys can help me out with my problem. I put a Daemon engine in a Schwinn DelMar. I am having a problem with the chain's master link. As it rolls over the tensioner, it is binding a bit and snaps as it goes over the roller. The master link stays together and is not coming apart. It appears to me that the master link is a hair too wide. I am using the stock 415 chain. Any suggestions?
i have a daemon kit too. i lost 2 master links the 1st 2 weeks i rode it lol. u can run the chain without a master link tho. as the others said u will need a chain breaker tool. the 1 i use i got from boygofast on ebay for less than $10 since none of the so called motorcycle shops here would sell me 1.
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