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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Haven't even got to look at my baby in 2 days! Came home yesterday and new BGF 50T rear sprocket, Harbor Frieght and first time Eastwood catalog was waiting for me! Really picked up my spirits. I have a little courier biz (do maybe 2 jobs a month) But caught a cool job delivering an airplane muffler from Hartford to Lufthansa @ Newark airport. Good $ gig. Traffic coming back over the GWB (George Washington Bridge) was slow due to construction. Got to watch some of the really great sunset reflected in the west facing sky scraper windows of Manhattan. Was truly awesome. Then got a call from a buddy. We got a lease on some factory space for next to nothing. Soon to have a real motorized bicycle factory/ show room!!! (Read place to tinker and avoid real work) Most of the space will be used to actually make a living on endeavors far less insane then making and selling motorized bicycles but am an addict and ya know how we are. lol. Monkey can't sell no bananas!
Truth be told, I don't think I want to make it even close to a real biz. It is to much of a joy to sully making it a job. (sorry about the language. I seldom use the "j" word in mixed company)

Originally Posted by IamTheBear View Post
new tire straight rednecked to hold the cns on today but went to the hardware store and saw Dan's blowbags on the shelf and giggled(snorked)
Har, lol Bear. (really did have to stifle a laugh and keep the mouth full of coffee off the key board)

Is my evil plan to corner the rubber muffler market! Which pretty much consists of just me.
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worst apocalypse ever

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