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Default Re: Master Link Problem

Originally Posted by StevelKnievel View Post
Can you recommend a good chain breaker that wont break the bank that does this function? Also, where would I pick up a link for this? Thanks.
As for finding a 415 link to use. I doubt that you used the entire length of chain that came with your kit. You should have had several links left over. If not then your chain is probably way loose.
If the master link is hitting the edges of the tensioner wheel you could also chuck that wheel up in a drill press or a hand drill and file the chain slot a little wider.

I'd also closely check your chain alignment. Most, if not all tensioner brackets require a slight twist to get the tensioner wheel to align with the chain path. View it from the rear of the bike and see if the wheel is riding true (aligned) with the chain. If not clamp the bracket in a vice and give it a slight twist. A big Crescent wrench works well. Good luck.
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