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Default Re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

Originally Posted by scottmanesis View Post
Well I think I have everything picked out for my first build. Feel free to chime in if you see anything that is "not good" or will require some major fabrication work ( I do not currently own a welder).

The Bike:
26" Greenline bc-106PM

The Motor:
Grubee Starfire 66cc

Some but not all the Mods:
4 litre Gas Tank
Front: Monark Fork with Avid BB-7 Disc Brake & Wheel
Rear: The HD Wheel from Spooky Tooth
Tires: Schwalbe Fat Frank 26" x 2.35"
SBP Expansion Chamber
SBP upgraded throttle assembly

and a few other little mods (SBP petcock etc)

I decided on the mods based on the things that I have read combined with my limited bicycling + years of motorcycle experience. I know for sure that I wouldn't put my own butt on a motorized bike using that crazy looking rag joint that comes with the kits. I looked at the bolt on adapter from Manic and decided since I still would not trust the wheels on the bike I am getting I might as well get a new wheel with the sprocket already on it.

Then I thought about brakes and the easiest way to go was to just buy the whole front end kit from Spooky tooth. I also see the throttle assembly that comes with the kit looks to be a bit junky.

There are a few other little add ons that I did not mention here like the upgraded spark plug and wires, front motor mount, etc.

The only thing I don't really have a clue about at this point is what I am going to do for lighting. (the lighting threads are not very helpful for someone like me that has no clue about all those diodes etc, I need something that is plug and play and the threads only make me scratch my head)

How does this build sound on paper so far?

I'd suggest starting a new thread on this subject rather than tacking it on here. A couple comments... as long as you can afford the add ons they are fine, but it's going to add up quick. A stout rear wheel is a good idea no matter what kind of drive setup you choose. I have used the manic hub adapter and like it. I've also used the rag joint and so long as the wheel is strong with heavy duty spokes and much care is given to setting it up so that the sprocket is centered and aligned with the drive chain it works, too.
the extra wide tires may be a problem with frame and chain clearance. I have used them with success with a four stroke HS engine which can be adjusted side to side, but had issues with a HT 2 stroke which can not be adjusted side to side. Even 2.125 can be a close shave.
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