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Default Re: id like to set something straight

Originally Posted by wolf21432 View Post
well im just gonna stick to my regular gas. its cheaper and does what it needs to do. also i find it a waste putting high end fuel in a low end motor if it was built to be reliable and give out better hp i would be more then happy to put higher grade fuel in it. but they way i see it is cheap engine = cheap gas.
True that. My old VW bus actually runs smoother and gets better MPG on the dirtiest nastiest gas I can find. High octane does not run as smooth for some reason, I say this from actual experience and calculating MPG I have know idea why but I get at least 2-3 MPG more with nasty gas. I also get about 125 miles to the gallon of oil, it is probably due for rebuild, or at least a tune up.
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