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Default Re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

Well I think I have everything picked out for my first build. Feel free to chime in if you see anything that is "not good" or will require some major fabrication work ( I do not currently own a welder).

The Bike:
26" Greenline bc-106PM

The Motor:
Grubee Starfire 66cc

Some but not all the Mods:
4 litre Gas Tank
Front: Monark Fork with Avid BB-7 Disc Brake & Wheel
Rear: The HD Wheel from Spooky Tooth
Tires: Schwalbe Fat Frank 26" x 2.35"
SBP Expansion Chamber
SBP upgraded throttle assembly

and a few other little mods (SBP petcock etc)

I decided on the mods based on the things that I have read combined with my limited bicycling + years of motorcycle experience. I know for sure that I wouldn't put my own butt on a motorized bike using that crazy looking rag joint that comes with the kits. I looked at the bolt on adapter from Manic and decided since I still would not trust the wheels on the bike I am getting I might as well get a new wheel with the sprocket already on it.

Then I thought about brakes and the easiest way to go was to just buy the whole front end kit from Spooky tooth. I also see the throttle assembly that comes with the kit looks to be a bit junky.

There are a few other little add ons that I did not mention here like the upgraded spark plug and wires, front motor mount, etc.

The only thing I don't really have a clue about at this point is what I am going to do for lighting. (the lighting threads are not very helpful for someone like me that has no clue about all those diodes etc, I need something that is plug and play and the threads only make me scratch my head)

How does this build sound on paper so far?

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