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Default Re: land speed record

that's not sayin' much. do you mean Leslie "Red" Parkhurst?

Board-Track Racing in the Twentieth Century: 100mph 100 years ago

Terry Parkhurst (no relation) wrote the article.

back on topic, the main problem is there isn't an official "motorized bicycle" category, so we would be racing against other 50cc bikes, depending on the class we'd get put into.

so, you could have the fastest motorized bicycle, but you wouldn't get an official land speed record. unless, of course, you beat whatever else was in your class.

i've been trying to figure it out and i'm waiting on a rule book.

i've heard a lot of different info from people who may or not know whats up, and i'm trying to get it all straight.

for instance, i was told if it goes over 60mph you need approved tires. that would mean heavy motorcycle tires and wheels.

there's a ton of other things in the motorcycle rules that our bikes can't even begin to comply with.

it seems to me that for now, we'd just be a novelty on the salt.

but i still wanna go and race my own bikes.

(edit) i've also been told that the salt isn't the easiest surface to run on. a bike that goes 50 on the street might run a lot slower on the salt.

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