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Default Re: Radial engine 750cc - I want one :)

Originally Posted by jasonh View Post
For it to want to stay upright, doesn't a gyro have to rotate horizontally, not vertically?

I was actually thinking about how gyro stabilization would work on a bike the other day...
Gyroscopic action works along the plane of the gyroscope...

google - gyrobike and you'll see what I mean.

Back in the day the sopwith aircraft company produced a petite little scout plane with a 110hp bentley/le clerget rotary engine.. when installed the rotation of the engine was to the right of the aircraft from the pilots seat.

It was known for killing novice pilots for the simple reason that because the engine spun to the right the aircraft would turn to the right about 3 times as fast as to the left because the gyroscoping force pulled it that way naturally..

More experienced pilots used this to their advantage in either beading an enemy scout or getting the **** out of it when you needed to. Just because of the engines rotation the Camel scout would out turn pretty much anything in the air up to at least 1919 - you just had to remember to turn right...

While that bike doesnt use a rotary motor - so the gyroscopic force is less - its all along the one plane which so far as I can tell if it has any effect at all would make the bike 'stand up' when power is applied (i.e. the bike would want to stay up more when you wanted to take a turn) which could make things fairly interesting if you're used to riding a standard motorbike.

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