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I spent hours thinking this through this was the most comfortable thing I ever came across. I did set the seat a tad lower but not by much. It was a spring seat too. Then I found a super fat old man type exercise seat that looked almost comical it had springs as well. I set that seat even lower. Had to raise it back up.

I can run around on my touring peddle bikes all day long and it has no effect on me!!!!!!!!!
Bicycling and Pain


Back pain while cycling is usually caused by poor cycling posture. Good cycling posture is very different from good posture while sitting or standing. A posture that is comfortable for sitting still will not necessarily be comfortable while actually riding a bicycle. Correct cycling posture must facilitate the pedaling action, and also must enable the rider to cope with the jolts that result from road irregularities.

When riding a bicycle, the back should be arched, like a bridge, not drooping forward between the hips and the shoulders. If the back is properly arched, bumps will cause it to flex slightly in the direction of a bit more arch; this is harmless. If you ride swaybacked, bumps will cause the back to bow even farther in the forward direction, which can lead to severe lumbar pain.

Some back-pain sufferers modify their bicycles with extra-high handlebars so that they can sit bolt upright, with their spines straight. This is actually counterproductive in most cases, because a straight spine has no way to "give" when the bike hits bumps. Road irregularities will jam the vertebrae together, often aggravating existing back problems. The bolt-upright posture is comfortable if you're sitting stationary on the bike, but is not suitable for riding much faster than a brisk walk. Riders who for some reason require such a position should use some form of suspension...a sprung saddle at the very least.
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True Motorcycles are heavier making them absorb all the impact too. Every little nuance in the road is gone with them. Which was why I had suggested a different stance using legs to take some of the abuse.. One of the reasons why the bike I posted was so comfortable was because it was a heavy bike , shocks and huge tires. This thing was very smooth.

Motor cross racers get pretty tore up with heavy off roading too. They will look a little like they had been bull riding walking away sometimes. There bikes have a different stance as well taller.

A Honda Gold wing with some lumbar support now we are talking.

Or be a real out law biker dude and get a fat heavy set old lady to sit on the back to make my bike a smooth ride. Tell her to hold on tight to cause I would hate to have to turn around and go back to get her.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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