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Default Re: Bicycle Seat

To many years of wrenching I guess at over six foot tall they don't make a bike for me. A stretched cruiser would totally cripple me I think. The vertebra at the very bottom of my back can't take it it is more like the tendons and watching a dog streatch out when it gets up.

. I can pick up stuff pro wrestler style and throw it around and be perfectly fine. Auto transmissions etc over my head with heavy tools as pom poms all day long. Having to duck down all the time for car lifts that were too short for me prolly did not help. Got knots on my head to show for it as well. I could loose about 15 pounds tho. I have road motorcycles that were bigger and they were perfect. I could sit in a car or a couch all day long and eat bon bons nottun wrong. lol

I get what your saying tho..
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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