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Default Re: lower gearing for a cranbrook

I got the expansion chamber from ebay- its for a pocket bike. Unfortunatley I havent found them on ebay for the same price! I only paid 10 bucks for it and another one thats on my sons bike. The rest of the pipe is just 3/4 in emt which is the perfect size to weld up to the stock head pipe and muffler. I now have a 3/4 conduit bender to make the bends much easier so I might redo this bikes exhaust and try to get the expansion chamber closer to the head to get more power out of it . Needs to be about 10 -12in from exhaust port for best performance, the one on my sons bike is mounted in the up position and his bike flys! Just as fast as my mountain bike with sbp pipe and shift kit and cns carb- at least until absoulte top speed where the shift kit comes into play but thats not until 32mph where his bike tops out. I've been tinkering on another exhaust and bike you can see in the stretch cruiser forum under "my first stretch". All my personal bikes get a custom pipe of some kind- the stock pipe is just so boring!
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