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This is funny I just sat on mine it was not working that's how come I had my back sore. There is only so much stress the lower vertebra can take from impact too. . I got a buddy I got into this hobby he had the same problem too. He is about 5 foot 5 . I got another buddy he would remove the rear tire and sit on the pavement if he could. No body will ride that bike ether. Me at over six foot tall there's no chance.

I gave some incite from my personal experience is all. I drummed up more comfortable seats than the brooks too. tried suspension seat post the works. Some folks fair off better being able to brace them selves with their legs a bit ''shrug''. Heck I built and ride full suspension bikes.

I know these bikes look uber cool with the seats lower but still to each their own. I spent a lifetime peddling before discovering these motors. lol.
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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