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Default Re: id like to set something straight

To me it really depends in what part of the country your in. 10 years ago I lived in Austin Texas . There gas is different than here in Albuquerque N.M. Ask me how I know. As for fuel I find a gas station sometimes that has just refueled and its better gas. As for a gut instinct. You don't know what shape the in ground tanks are in.

Yes I have a few preferred gas stations . Why I can tell the difference with my little motors as well as my big truck and they change over time too. This is how I got a faster M.B. bike than my buddies in my opinion when we on rare occasion raced. My two stroke mix I don't let sit around for more than two weeks. The performance of the fuel goes down hill unless you can keep it as cool and safe as the in ground tanks. All of my little motors are hot rodded for as much compression as I can get out of them performance wise. On a hot July day here at 5500 foot above sea level they will run crappy on bad fuel its a given.

I ran my Morini on race track high octane race fuel and the gas millage was outstanding!
The pep and performance jumped up substantially too. Night and day difference.............

One of the main things I am getting at is depending on the region you live in well. The gas every where is not the same all the time or the altitude. Nither in my experience go hand in hand ether.

What I am getting at find what works best for you.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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