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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I made what I consider a very much needed improvement to my clutch arm!
As everyone knows no matter how you adjust your cable stud on the motor every time you engage and dis-engage your clutch your gonna get rub!
Untill yesterday!
What I did was I cut my old stock arm off from my clutch shaft,went to the back door of my garage opened the door and chucked that sucker as far as I could into the woods,not 5 seconds after I heard my dog yelp (No connection?).
Then I ground down the old chinese weld and cut the head off from a 5/16"x
24x 2" bolt and weld-preped the cut off end!
Then I bent the bolt about 20 degrees and welded it to the clutch shaft at a slightly better angle than the stock arm was welded,now it follows the angle of the gear cover.
Then I threaded a 5/16" jam nut and rod end onto the "NEW 1/2" longer than stock ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH ARM".
Then I took an M8x 1.25x 30mm bolt and drilled a .125" hole length-wise through the bolt and counter-sunk the hex head to recieve the brass cable holder.
Then I assembled the whole thing together and it works SWEET! If I do say so myself!
Much easier pull!
The arm is now adjustable so now I can dial in the alignment to the cable stud on the motor! NO-RUB!
The cable bolt rides on the bearing so the cable lines up with the stud through-out the engage and dis-engage cycle! NO-RUB!
Did I mention that now my cable doesn't RUB!
Plus,Plus.Now I don't have to Monkey around with loosening the brass cable holder to tweak my clutch adjustment!
I just loosen the nyloc nut on the end of the cable bolt and then thread the jam nut a few turns and re-tighten the nyloc nut! DONE!!
Now, I can leave my third hand in my pocket!
This is my first proto-type of this!
If I get a good responce I might start making them for my peeps!
Any thought's?Give me your feed-back!
There's more pics in the Swap and Shop Thread.
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