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Default Re: Target: Wet Feet $69.99

Right, we get that and it's a case of whatever works for you and your bike - the trick of it is when it's recommended to others with unknown metal fabricating experience. It's a dicey & questionable procedure in the first place as it is a key structural member, made even worse by the suggestion of using a sledgehammer or even just crushing it w/a C clamp - there's simply no way to safely say how much distortion is too much before it's compromised, it could very easily have hidden fractures, crack or result in "just" frame misalignment.

It's the potential destruction of a member's bike, the safety considerations & readily available alternate solutions that don't pose a hazard that cause us, as staff to actively discourage this as a viable recommendation to others. With that same consideration we also recommended against drilling a large hole in the down tube as the forward motor mount despite the fact some have done it successfully and it's even in the instructions.

It's nothing personal, ya can ofc do w/e ya want with your bike - but there's just some things we need to point out in the interest of protecting the less experienced members *shrug*
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