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Default Re: Env.TechAcousticJazzer

Welcome to the Forum!Aka Rhyth! I know a Lefty Rhyth.He doesn't know which way is up! any relation?
First off!
Those(loddy Da's) can get pricey!
#2 Stay away from the tree's they can hurt you.Well maybe you should sneak up on one and try hugging it! Not to low though(dog's and all)
#3 That explain's everything!
#4 My advice would be to take a slice of cheeze you know the kind that has the plastic on it,peel it and hold it between your knees.
#5 Next if you can go buy that $200 cantakerous dog for $100 before he get's that cheeze from between your knee's Buy it.Don't worry about any brain damage I think your all set there!
I hope I answered all your questions?
If not I'm sure someone else will jump in and explain it better than me!
There's alot of member's here that are more educated than I am about these thing's!
Good Luck Widdat! Wordup!

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